Lawsuit: Asbestos Exposure Caused Man?s Mesothelioma

Lawsuit: Asbestos Exposure Caused Man?s Mesothelioma
A Kansas man who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March recently filed a lawsuit against 92 defendants, claiming preventable asbestos exposure caused his illness.

Hubert Johnston worked as a service station attendant and insulator for more than four decades—from 1946 to 1990. Over the course of his employment, Johnston claims he suffered exposure to asbestos. He also cites home and automotive repairs as a source of exposure.

“The plaintiff’s exposure and inhalation, ingestion or absorption of the asbestos fibers was completely foreseeable and could or should have been anticipated by the defendants,” the lawsuit states.

The defendants are accused of, among other things, failing to:

§ Provide adequate safety instructions for those working with or around asbestos
§ Advise workers of proper hygiene practices to prevent them from carrying the dangerous fibers home on their person
§ Provide alternative non-asbestos-containing products when adequate substitutes were available

Johnston claims he suffers “great physical pain and mental anguish” as a result of his condition. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $250,000 for his medical costs and the defendants’ “willful, wanton, intentional and reckless misconduct.”

(Source: The Madison Record)

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