Capitol Power Plant Tunnels Set For Asbestos Abatement

The Architect of the Capitol (AoC)—which is responsible for preserving, maintaining and enhancing the Capitol complex in Washington D.C.—has agreed to settle a complaint over asbestos hazards at the complex’s power plant.

After eight months of negotiations and years of complaints by workers, the AoC said it will:

Abate the asbestos and other health hazards in the Capitol Power Plant utility tunnels within five years, unless funding is cut
Create a comprehensive management plan with specific milestones for the abatement
Meet with Office of Compliance (OoC) representatives on a monthly basis to discuss progress and other relevant matters
Allow monitoring by the OoC to ensure milestones are being met

While the AoC’s agreement with the OoC is considered “precedent setting,” it still does not require complete asbestos abatement.

Sen. Patty Murray, who pushed for workers to be removed from the tunnels after signs of respiratory illnesses began to surface, referred to the agreement as a “good first step to address the [AoC’s] astounding backlog of 13,000 health and safety violations.”

(Source: http://www.occupationalhazards.com/Issue/Article/66532/Architect_of_Capitol_Agrees_to_Fix_Tunnel_Hazards.aspx)


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