Australian University To Study Asbestos Impact on Women

New research will focus on identifying possible links between asbestos and ovarian cancer. Researchers at the University of Western Australia (UWA) will conduct the study.

According to professor Bill Musk, most data regarding asbestos-related diagnosis has been gathered from men. The new study will mark the first time researchers specifically examine the impact of asbestos on women.

The research, Musk said, will build on previous studies of workers in a region where crocidolite, or blue asbestos, is prevalent. Women in the region already exhibit higher mesothelioma and lung cancer rates, so researchers want to determine if their ovarian cancer rates are also higher.

If researchers are able to determine a link between asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer, it could mean more compensation claims, said Musk.

“I’m sure if they develop a disease that can be associated with their exposure to asbestos they will be eligible for some compensation one way or another,” he said.

(Source: www.abc.net.au)


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