Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal may help prevent exposure to the asbestos fibers linked to cancer and other lung diseases. Asbestos removal should only be performed by qualified professionals, since the risks associate with an improperly conducted asbestos removal are quite high.

There are over 3,000 manufactured products that are known to contain asbestos; asbestos removal can therefore be an extensive operation. Individuals may not realize their home or business requires asbestos removal, since asbestos fibers are odorless and tasteless and were used so widely for many years. Asbestos removal experts can conduct an investigation, taking samples of various materials to determine whether asbestos removal is required. Taking samples yourself is never recommended, as releasing asbestos fibers can be more dangerous than foregoing asbestos removal entirely. In some cases, asbestos abatement may be accomplished through methods other than asbestos removal, such as encasement or encapsulation. These can be as satisfactory and much less expensive than asbestos removal. There are stringent requirements set by federal, state, and local authorities regarding the methods for asbestos removal and disposal. Further information is available through organizations such as the EPA and OSHA, and though asbestos removal laws do not vary much between states, individuals should always ensure that anyone hired for asbestos removal purposes is in full compliance with the laws and regulations. If an asbestos removal is occurring on a property that you rent, you can ask if the asbestos removal professionals have the proper training and qualifications. It is illegal to conduct an asbestos removal if you are anyone other than the property owner or a qualified asbestos removal specialist.

To learn more about your legal rights and responsibilities in regards to asbestos removal, you may wish to contact an attorney who has experience in working with asbestos removal cases.

To find buildings in your state that contain asbestos, select a state. You will also find asbestos abatement or asbestos removal, various statewide asbestos products, as well as links to how you might be able to help victims of Asbestos exposure.

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